Soccer in Kampala

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Even though I have a previous blog post about urban soccer in Uganda, I find myself coming back to these photos with a smile on my face. So here it is again :)

A make-shift soccer pitch lies at the bottom of the hill we stayed at in Kampala, and sometimes games were played all day long. One day, I asked to take some photos and was graciously given permission. I was amazed at the energy these kids had. Some had cleats, others had sandals, and even a few played barefooted. One thing they all had was a love for the game. It didn't matter that five trees were growing in the field, or that there was razor wire around the walls of the surrounding houses. They played like there were scouts in the stands, giving 100% all the time. After the game, everyone stretched and ended in group prayer.  It was awesome to watch! 

Thank you