Devanie + Tyler's wedding @ The Pines at Genesee


You know that radiating love you feel when you meet a couple for the first time but it seems like you’ve known each other for years? That’s the feeling I got when I first met Devanie and Tyler; Pure joy and love for one another.

I discovered these two from an Army friend of mine who was attending Metro State University in Denver. He and Devanie shared a class together and worked together on a regular basis. Once he heard Devanie was engaged, he was happy to hear the good news and asked if she has secured a wedding photographer yet. When she said no, he told her to check me out since he chose me to shoot his wedding and wanted to spread the love. Thanks, battle!

When we first met for engagement photos I had a smile on my face the entire session. These high school sweethearts have something special, and capturing that feeling through the medium of photography was more than rewarding. Tyler is super outgoing and positive, while Devanie is more on the quiet side but is always equally up for a new adventure.

After a few months passed by it was time to get hitched. Wedding day! They held their wedding at The Pines at Genesee, a cute wedding venue located on the foothills of the Rockies. Their wedding was gorgeous! Everything went according to plan, the weather was flawless, and the photos told their story perfectly.