Fun Pre-wedding activities and events

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You did it! You said yes, (or popped the question yourself), and you’re getting married! Congratulations for taking the next step in your relationship. Now that you’re engaged, you’ll soon quickly discover how much there is to plan and do before your big day arrives. Here are a few ideas to jump start your engagement.


Traditionally, engagement parties have been hosted by the bride’s family. It’s a nice social gathering meant to share the good news with close friends and family. However, modern day couples can really set their own rules about who hosts. This is a gift-free event, and couples should make it clear that none are expected.

Be creative when throwing your party, and make it unique to you as a couple. Whether it’s meeting up at your favorite bar or winery, or Top Golf or bowling, it’s all about sharing the good news with those closest to you.


Ever wonder why it’s called a shower? Originally intended to a “shower” a new couple with household goods, this tradition has carried through to modern brides.

This party is generally hosted by the matron of honor, through often family will contribute as well. Plan something that really suits the bride’s interests and personality.

For modern couples, the may want to consider a Jack & Jill shower. Guys are joining in on the fun, and you can invite couples and your male family members as well to attend. And if you think about it, that’s potentially double the amount of gifts you’ll receive.


These are the fun parties that you can get a little more creative with. Once called a stag party (and still is in certain parts of the world), the tradition of the groom’s last chance to say farewell to bachelorhood has been around for hundreds of years.

Modern day grooms are getting a little more creative, like camping and fishing trips, golf getaways, pub crawls, beach trips, and adventure sports. I recently went to Las Vegas for an Army friend’s bachelor party and we had a blast. Roller coasters, base jumping, skydiving, super-car driving, delicious buffets, and dozens of jaw dropping shows can all be found in Las Vegas.

Ladies, not to be left out, are also getting together for some fun. Consider a spa weekend, casino night, Vegas, yoga retreat, beer or wine tasting tour, pool party, or anything else fun that jives well with your style.

You can also opt in for a bachelor/ bachelorette party combo! These are always a fun option so everyone in your friend circle can be included.


Remember, do you! This is a chance for you to be unique :)