Bonnie + Evan @ Denver's Rhein Haus


This was a special wedding. Evan and I go wayyy back. I've known him since we were neighbors when he was a 1 year-old. His father is my Godfather. Growing up, Evan, Eric, their step-sister Jamie and I did everything together. We got into all sorts of shenanigans: From getting the cops called on us for playing war in the greenbelts of Parker, to making napalm in our garage, to sneaking Evan into a DU college party at 13 years old, our childhood was anything but boring. We had our fare share of groundings, but we never got into too much trouble. Later on, when I joined the Army he followed suit as soon as he could. However, while I chose Infantry he went the Military Intelligence route. We were both randomly stationed in Europe and deployed to the Middle East. I deployed to Iraq and he went to Afghanistan. 

Bonnie and Evan met shortly after we got out of the military, and they've been crazy about each other ever since. She's the yin to his yang, and just as goofy as he is; a perfect fit! So I knew their wedding was going to be epic. They chose the Rhein Haus in Denver to host their party, which is definitely not your normal venue for a wedding but we made it work! Our crazy family Check out their special day!

Thank you!