Tattooed Strings

On the evening of April 9, 2015 I visited the Bluebird Theater off of E Colfax Ave and Adams St. to see my friend Nate Brown and his band Tattooed Strings play. Their moment was finally here; it was their show tonight. It had been a while since I've been to a concert. The last time I attempted to bring my camera in, I was rejected because I didn't have a pass allowing me access with a professional grade camera. Tonight's show almost we the same way, but luckily my friend Nate, the drummer of Tattooed Strings, pulled some strings with the staff of the venue to allow me to bring my camera inside. Thanks Nate!

The music was originally catchy, the sound was on point, and the crowd just added to the energy. I was trying to get some angles from the pit of the stage but there were too many people up front to move comfortably so I stuck to the sides instead. I know I wanted to get some action shots of Nate whaling away on the drum set, but there was a orange, reddish glow constantly on his face. After editing Nate's drum photos, I decided to change them to black and white. I believe I made the right choice.  

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