Anahi & Hasan - Engagement

October 10, 2015

It's reaching 8am and the air is cool and crisp. The bright aspen trees are waking up to the morning light and the park trails of Conifer are starting to get their first footsteps of the day. The grassy fields leading up to the trees shimmered like a gold ocean. Yup, it's time to start shooting! 

After we knocked out some photos near the beginning of the hiking trails, the lovebirds changed outfits into something a little more dressy. We quickly realized that we weren't about to have Anahi hike up some trails in a nice pair of heels. Luckily, Hasan brought his basketball shoes with him for her to walk around in. What a gent! 

We walked the hill for a few minutes while I was searching for some spots with good light. It didn't take long. There was a cut-out in the tree line with some soft sun poking its head through. There was even a little park bench nearby. Perfect :)  

These two are great together! Even though I just met Anahi, I've known Hasan since my high school days. He's a hard worker with a genuine and loving personality, I know Anahi will have nothing but good things to look forward to. Congratulations guys!