Jordan & Chad - Maternity

Wow. Having known her in high school, I've known Jordan now for over 11 years. This is the first time that I've had a close friend get preggers so I'm still getting used to it...but not for long. I've known her husband Chad for five of those years, and each year becomes more interesting than the next. With a new addition to the family, next year will be inevitably more interesting. Jordan is about to pop, so she needed some big belly photos. I was a little nervous because this was going to be my first maternity shoot...but there's a first time for anything so let's do this!

Jordan wanted to catch some golden light for this shoot so we aimed for around 5:45pm. A few months ago I stumbled upon a park with a low creek-bed that looked great for portraits. Jordan wanted the utilize golden hour, so we started shooting around 6. We arrived a bit later than I wanted, but we still had time to capture some great light. 

I can't say enough good things about these guys, so I'll leave it to my photographs to show their loving warmth towards each other. 

(Man, I love golden hour! The light makes me weak in the knees sometimes!)

These two blonde Alphas always make it work, no matter how hard-headed they can get. See, I get to say that because I know them so well :) 

Ok, on a series note, these guys are great and I'm excited about the new addition to the crew. Baby Deklan is about to enter this crazy world with some awesome people to watch over him.